Q: How to apply for the 8th IPSF Eastern Mediterranean Pharmaceutical Symposium?

A: Please refer to the Registration Page.

Q: How many people will share a room?

A: A double room will be provided (2 people).

Q: Can you tell me more about the accommodation?

A: The Lancaster Suites Raouche offers exceptionally designed rooms. The rooms have a modern and stylish interior; they include premium high-tech amenities. The hotel room also provides free WiFi! For more information, please visit: https://lancastersuitesraouche.com/

Q: How can I get to the venue from the hotel?

A: Transportation is provided by the EMPS RC.

Q: How can I get to the hotel from airport?

A: Transportation is provided by the EMPS RC.

Q: Do you offer vegetarian meals?

A: Yes! The Lebanese cuisine is filled with mouthwatering vegetarian based meals that are definitely worth trying!

Q: How can I get mobile data in Lebanon?

A: You can either buy a SIM card or rent a portable WIFI router at the airport when you arrive here.

Q: How’s the weather like in Beirut?

A: During the time of the EMPS (summer), it’s quite hot (temperatures ranging from 25 up to 33°C), averaging 73% in humidity. Our advice is to bring light clothes and to make sure that you bring sunscreen (best time to hit the beach)!